How to support the Project

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How to help us promote

Be a dedicated fan

Listen to our stuff on streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and put the tracks on several lists! We offer a variety of styles and it helps the project grow. Recommend your friends to put their favorite tracks on their lists, also.

Share, like, Comment

As you might know, on social media it is important to generate interaction. Of course we cannot answer every single comment, but we appreciate your participation... and maybe we will come back to your suggestions one time!

Buy our Music

You can buy our music at our distributor CD Baby directly or on stores like iTunes, Google Music, Youtube Music etc. Some tracks are also available on, here you can donate by giving a larger amount for the download. Most downloads will be free or very cheap there.


You can donate soon via Patreon or Paypal. There is the possibility to give a one time donation or support us monthly.


For larger projects like a new album, distribution or music videos, we plan on having small crowdfunding campaigns to support our efforts to bring you a professional product and not just something, that is done with the most basic tools.

The magic of Telling

Tell others about our music, wish for it at parties, have it always in the background and use our merchandize, like T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters etc. Soon V will be able to rule the world and bring peace!

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