Karo Godles

Karo Godles, a very talented singer, songwriter and visual artist. She joined the project in 2019 some time after the release of „Hyperspace Dimensions“. Educated in scenic painting, Karo worked as a freelancer for various productions in theatres, for operas and stage shows, movies and image films. She also hosts her own exhibitions, where she shows Street Art, Modern Art and photo-realistic paintings – you can visit her Karo Godles Artist Page by clicking on her name.


Starbazz is an alien being similar to the Tayan, full of ancient wisdom, but with different conclusions that were forged over the millenia. After arrival on Earth, he met Bionik, an electronic live music artist, he closely allied with – since that moment they together became THE Electronic Wizzard.

Ron Tayan

The Tayan is an ancient being, who witnessed the beginning of this and other universes. Here on Earth he merged with am unknown conscious rapper and electronic music producer – and became Ron Tayan, the 808 Azzazzin.


Arriving soon...